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projects-debenhams1Recessed Lightweight KLF series 600 x 600mm fittings complete with 2 x 40W high frequency control gear. Luminaire weight 2.54 Kg.

16 Cell LG3 Category 2 louvre for administrative areas. Emergency versions were also supplied.

Recessed HEF series downlights with facetted reflector 240mm diameter Category 2 complete with high frequency control gear and PLC 3000K lamps in sizes from 18W , 26W and 42W. Emergency versions were also supplied.

Recessed and surface asymmetric KLS and KLR series luminaire with high frequency control gear complete with 40W L lamp 3000K.

Mini compact downlight with remote gear box housing high frequency control gear. Supplied complete with 18W PLT lamp 3000K. Low voltage versions were also supplied.

Fully adjustable 70W and 150W CDM-T display Luminaires.

Where stores have existing ceilings such as “Echostop” Keenlight have developed a universal 3 x 54W T5 semi-recessed 1200 x 600 luminaire to cater for these events. The luminaire is also suitable for Exposed “T” ceilings, plasterboard types and an auxiliary frame converts the luminaire for surface mounted situations. Where required nominal 600 x 600 versions are available.


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