Gimbal Single Extra

A lightweight recessed gimbal type downlight made of powder painted sheet metal and die-cast aluminum

Mounted either flush with the ceiling or extended in 3 different positions: 25°, 45° or 90°

Easy to install and maintain: no-tools installation and a one piece reflector unit with easy bayonet fixing for quick lightsource changes.

Available with a wide range of lightsources: Metal Halide 35W/70W, SDW-TG 50W/100W and Halogen 111

When fitted with SDW-TG lightsources this fitting is perfect for illuminating bread and meat sections due to the warm light of this lightsource.

Wide range of movement: turntable 360° and adjustable 55°- extended in 3 different positions

Product Specifications

Protection: IP20, CAT2

Colour: Silver, White, Black

Gear: Electronic (HF), Conventional, Electronic Transformer

Lightsource: MT Elite- 35/G12
MT Elite-70/G12
MT Shoplight- 70/G12

Reflectors: Faceted refelctors: SPf 12°. FLf 24°, WFLf 44°, VWFLf 60°

- Installation cut-out 187x187mm
-Maximum ceiling thickness: 25mm
-Spring mounted- No tools required

*=5 silver, 6 white, 9 Black

1411*Gimbal single extra HF CDM-T 70w/830 950g SPf
1421*Gimbal single extra HF CDM-T 70w/830 950g FLf
1431*Gimbal single extra HF CDM-T 70w/830 950g WFLf
1441*Gimbal single extra HF CDM-T 70w/830 950g VWFLf


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