Gimbal Duo Track

Gimbal Duo TrackA lightweight twin gimbal type downlight made of powder painted sheet metal and die-cast aluminium.

Fitted with an intergrated electronic twin control gear and track adapter.

Easy maintenance: intergrated electronic gear and a one piece reflector unit with easy bayonet fixing for quick lightsource changes.

Avaliable for metal Halide 35w/70w and CDM-R111 35W/70W

Wide range of movement: turnable 350° and adjustable 55°

Product Specification

Protection: IP20, CAT1

Colour: Silver, White, Black

Gear: Electronic (HF)


MT Elite-35/G12
MT ElITE- 70/G12
MT Shoplight- 70/G12

Faceted reflectors: SPf 12°, FLf 24°, WFLf 44°, VWFLf 60°
Beam angle CDM-R111: Sp 10°, FL 24°, WFL 40°

*= 5 silver, 6 White, 9 Black

K5611*Gimbal Duo Track GA69 CDM-T 35w/830 SPf 3060g
K5621*Gimbal Duo Track GA69 CDM-T 35w/830 FLf 3060g
K5631*Gimbal Duo Track GA69 CDM-T 35W/830 WFLf 3060g
K5641*Gimbal Duo Track GA69 CDM-T 35w/830 VWFLf 3060g
K5511*Gimbal Duo Track GA69 CDM-T 70w/830 SPf 3480g
K5521*Gimbal Duo Track GA69 CDM-T 70W/830 FLf 3480g
K5531*Gimbal Duo Track GA69 CDM-T 70w/830 WFLf 3480g
k5541*Gimbal Due Track GA69 CDM-T 70W/830 VWFLf 3480g

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