Mini Gimbal Trio

A lightweight and minature recessed downlight made of powder painted sheet metal and die-cast aluminium.

High- output faceted reflectors from 9° to 35°

Easy to install and maintain: no-tools installation and a one piece reflector unit with easy bayonet fixing for quick lightsource changes.

Avaliable for TC lamps 20 and 35w

Product Specificiations

Protection: IP20, CAT 2

Colour: Silver, White, Black

Gear: Electronic (HF), Conventional

Lightsource: MT-20/G8.5

Reflector: Faceted reflectors TC: SPf9°,FLf 25°,WFLf 42°

-Installation cut-out 360x115mm
-Maxiimum celiling thickness: 25mm
-Spring mounted- No tools required

*=5 silver, 6 white, 9 black

8111*Mini Gimbal Trio HF TC 35w/830 SPf
8121*Mini Gimbal Trio HF TC 35w/830 FLf
8131*Mini Gimbal Trio HF TC 35w/830 WFLf

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