2013T-LE2013T-LE is passively cooled reducing complexity, cost and power consumption.

Enough Light to replace 35W HID light sources:up to 3150Lm (3000K).

Several different modules available.

Reflectors with Light Output Ratio above 90%.

Good quality white Light: available in 3000K, 4000K and 5600K- Ra80 and Ra90.

Supplied with a safety glass to protect the module from dust and dirt.

Can be fitted with a range of effect filters.

Optional DALI dimmable.

For use with 3 circuit track.

Options Suffix
Reflectors Spot SP
Flood FL
Wide Flood WFL
Module 3640Lm 3000K 830
Module 3800 Lm 4000K 840
Body Colour Black B
Silver S
White W
Bakery Filter Gold FG
Fish Filter Blue FB
Fruit Filter Yellow FY
Vegetable Filter Green FG
Meat Fitler Pink FP
Technical Information
Protection IP 20
System Watts 43
CRI 80
Efficiency Lm/W 84.65
DLOR 92%

Updated 5/11/2013

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