2013T-L is a high performance,passively cooled LED track light.

This luminaire can replace a 35W HID light source: up to 3800Lm (4000K)

Specialised reflectors produce light output ratios of up to 92%.

Good quality white light available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K- Ra80 and Ra90.

Supplied complete with a high transmission safety glass to protect the module from dust and dirt.

Special effect filters are available for product enhancement.

Optional DALI dimmable modules are available.

For use with 3-circuit track.


Options Suffix
Reflectors Spot SP
Flood FL
Wide Flood WFL
Module 3640 Lm  3000K 830
Module 3800 Lm  4000K 840
Body Colour Black B
Silver S
White W
Bakery Filter Gold FG
Fish Filter Blue FB
Fruit Filter Yellow FY
Vegetable Filter Green FG
Meat Filter Pink FP
Technical Information
Watts 43
CRI 80
Efficency Lm/W 84.65
DLOR 92%

Updated 30/10/2013

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