2013R-S2013R-S is a great value LED downlight with a functional, high light output.

50 000 H average lifetime.

Great replacement for CFL and HID lightsources.

Up to 3200Lm output.

No heat or UV radiation.

Fitted with a high efficiency reflector specially designed for LEDs to focus light where it is most needed.

Standard fitted with protective glass.

Options Suffix
Reflectors Spot SP
Flood FL
Wide Flood WFL
Module 1316Lm 3000K 830
Module 1350 Lm 4000K 840
Body Colour Black B
Silver S
White W
Technical Information
Protection IP 20
System Watts 21
CRI 80
Efficiency Lm/W 63
DLOR 92%


Updated 6/11/2013

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